1. FC Köln and SK Gaming enter strategic partnership

This includes SK providing two professional FIFA players.

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Despite arguably being best-known for its hugely successful Brazilian CS:GO team, who won a number of titles in 2017 to solidify themselves as the best team in the world, SK Gaming is actually a German organisation, and they've now partnered with football team 1. FC Köln as part of a "strategic cooperation" that will see both sides share their knowledge from each industry.

SK, for example, will advise 1. FC Köln on opportunities in esports, which the football team can then use for expansion, while 1. FC Köln will support SK's players in preparation for competitions through experience in training, nutrition, and fitness. What's more is that videos and other content will be produced for fans, as well as education and counselling for the younger players looking to get into gaming.

To start the partnership SK is introducing Mirza Jahic and Timo 'Praii' Gruneisen as two competitive FIFA players to represent 1. FC Köln in the virtual Bundesliga, playing in the PS4 and Xbox division respectively, a move that makes sense considering the 1. FC Köln's presence in the world of traditional football.

Will there be a future where all major football clubs have involvement in esports?

Photo: 1. FC Köln

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