Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

100 Thieves to leave CS:GO

Following multiple logistical problems regarding how 100T can support the roster, the organisation will be leaving competitive Counter-Strike.

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100 Thieves has announced their departure from competitive Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. In a video published on the 100T Twitter channel, the organisation's founder and CEO, Matthew "Nadeshot" Haag detailed the reasoning for the unfortunate decision.

Due to the global pandemic, CS:GO has been largely shifting away from North America, and towards Europe. As 100T want their players to compete at their compound in Los Angeles, this transition has been less than ideal.

Nadeshot further went onto to talk about the challenges of changing up the roster, by saying; "With the point system in place for CS:GO majors, any roster additions we would have made could have jeopardised our position and opportunity to even compete." This problem, and the fact that the players need to be in Europe, but the organisation wants them to be in LA, led to the unfortunate decision that has been made.

100T has made moves to ensure its players have found teams elsewhere, either in Europe or otherwise, as the video claims. The announcement also never directly rules 100T from returning to CS:GO, however, until the competitive state of CS becomes a little more accessible globally again, the organisation will not be making a return anytime soon.

Ever since Hector "HECZ" Rodriguez reacquired his ownership of Optic Gaming, and was simultaneously reported to be selling the org's Call of Duty League spot. Rumours have been swirling about 100T potentially looking to enter the League, as the 'LA Thieves.' Nothing in this regard has been revealed as of yet, but the departure from CS:GO has made fans wonder even more.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
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