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Carve Snowboarding

1080º Snowboarding creator is back in VR with Carve Snowboarding

Giles Goddard brings the Nintendo 64 spirit back with a game to cool down the summer on Oculus Quest.

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The upcoming summer is expected to be specially warm, they say, which might put you off when it comes to wearing a VR helmet, but perhaps the new snowboard game by Chuhay Labs, combined with a nice soft drink and some air conditioning will make the experience much more bearable. This is the first trailer for Carve Snowboarding:


The title comes spearheaded by no other than Giles Goddard, the English programmer who 'sneaked into' Nintendo to help create 1080º Snowboarding, one of the precursors to the genre and one of the very best winter sports games of all times.

As shown by the video, customisation with multiple unlockable items is key to the experience, as there'll be boards (of course), gloves, and even "more than 60 songs by indie bands".

We still don't know how controls will work in VR in detail, but there'll be Time Attack and Freestyle modes when Carve Snowboarding arrives on Oculus Quest in the summer.

Carve Snowboarding

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