2K teases new Bioshock project

Season greetings promises rapture.

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Shortly after the post 2K posted another, this after one reader suggested that the original tweet was confirmation of a new Bioshock in the works: "Naw! Just us saying HAPPY NEW YEAR :)" Make of that what you will.

Original Story

Bioshock has been laying dormant ever since the original developer, Irrational Games, went through a big round of layoffs, where creator Ken Levine left the company. Now though, 2K may just have stealthily announced, that they're working on a new Bioshock experience, and possibly where it's set.

A tweet posted on 2K's official UK account says the following:

"Back to work and back to Rapture! Hope you all had a fantastic Christmas and New Year! Here's to a great 2016!"

It could just have been a case of innocent season greetings, but clearly they should know that it would toy with the emotions of fans.


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