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Halo Infinite

343 Industries doesn't intend to bring a Cortana AI to Halo Infinite multiplayer

Head of creative Joseph Staten says that there are "no current plans" to do so.

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We're less than a week away from the release of the next season of Halo Infinite, a season known as Lone Wolves. While we've already reported on its admittedly quite flat looking roadmap, fans have been wondering about how the game will continue to expand in the future, with one such fan badgering 343's head of creative Joseph Staten about bringing a Cortana AI to the multiplayer portion of the game in the future. The plea, unfortunately, has been met with a response that will likely disappoint.

"I appreciate the commitment! And as much as I love Cortana and [Jen Taylor, the voice of Cortana], there are no current plans to make Cortana an AI in multiplayer," said Staten.

This doesn't rule out a Cortana AI landing in the multiplayer in the future, but it does basically affirm that anyone who is hoping to see it pop up in the game over the next few weeks or months should probably lower their expectations significantly.

Halo Infinite

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