Halo Infinite

343 Industries: Halo Infinite for Xbox One has not been cancelled

It seems like Xbox One owners can rest easy for the time being.

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A few days ago we noticed that the Halo Infinite UI art lead Chad Mirshak didn't mention Xbox One as one of the platforms for this game on his LinkedIn page, and it has caused some speculations ever since. To be fair, it could just be the case that Mirshak forgot to update or simply made a mistake, we all know LinkedIn isn't the most reliable source anyway.

When the community manager from 343 Industries John Junyszek was asked regarding this matter on Twitter, in order to make fans rest assured, or just being tired of rumours, he simply replied:

"Nope. Please let me enjoy the holidays ????"

We feel him from that emoji used, really. No matter what, for now, we know Xbox One version hasn't been cancelled, but it's hard to say what will happen in the future.

Halo Infinite

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