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Halo Infinite

343 Industries says Halo Infinite multiplayer progression is top priority

343's head of design: "I am still playing Halo and feeling everyone's pain on progression."

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While the multiplayer part of Halo Infinite is really great, it has a glaring issue, which is the progression system. It is based on challenges rather than how well you play, which leads to a slow progression and also some people playing wilfully bad as they try to complete challenges rather than win the matches.

343 Industries has heard the criticism and already made some changes to make the situation better. And this is fortunately a top priority for the team. This is what the studio's Head of Design, Jerry Hook, said about it on Twitter yesterday:

"Yes I am still playing Halo and feeling everyone's pain on progression. We are back at it next week and this will be top of my list with the team."

Halo Infinite

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