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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

3v3 gunfight mode is coming to Modern Warfare

Some other features are in the works as well as Infinity Ward continues to support last year's Call of Duty.

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According to a recent blog post from Infinity Ward, the 3v3 gunfight mode is coming to the shooter, and hopefully it's going to arrive soon. Last month we had already heard about the mode, and now the developer has reassured us that after the Gunfight 1v1 playlist rolled out last week, they are now working on the 3v3 mode.

Not only that, but the studio is also bringing in other features, more loadout slots are going to be added, for example, and there's also a new Gunfight Tournament, more 2XP, 2X Weapon XP, and 2X Tier events are on the horizon too.

Moreover, Infinity Ward also announced that they are using this Trello board to show players the issues that they are tracking, as well as to provide support, and even give us a sneak peek at the things that are coming up. This is a new way for fans to follow up on what's going on with the game, and the developer also promised to tell us more in future updates.

It seems like Infinity Ward is ready for 2020. Are you looking forward to the 3v3 gunfight mode?

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

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