7 more gaming franchises we would like to see make a return

With new IPs emerging all the time, it's easy for some older franchises to become forgotten.

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The graveyard for retired gaming franchises is a vast one and I'm sure that all of us have a series or two that we fondly remember that is no longer around today. With gaming being a popular medium now for over three decades it's only natural that some franchises would fall by the wayside, but that doesn't mean that it isn't a sad reality when they do so. Here are just a few of the gaming franchise we would like to see make a return in the very near future:

Ape Escape - last seen 2006

There really isn't anything else quite like the comedic platforming series Ape Escape and that's what makes its absence all the more agonising. The original trio of games still holds up today due to their hilarious pop culture references and unique and endlessly entertaining gameplay. Despite its excellence, the series hasn't seen a core outing since 2006's Ape Escape 3 and we're not counting the several spin-offs and party games released afterwards.

7 more gaming franchises we would like to see make a return

Prince of Persia - last seen 2010

Ok, so Sands of Time might be receiving a remake pretty soon (that's if it doesn't continue to be delayed), but we're still yearning for an all new instalment into the series that harkens back to its heyday on the PS2. Right before Assassin's Creed came along and pretty much axed the franchise, these games offered a blend of platforming, sword-based combat, and unique time-shifting mechanics pretty much unlike anything else. Warrior Within with its gory action and much darker and moodier tone was a highlight for us and we would love to see the series return back to these heights once more within a future outing.

7 more gaming franchises we would like to see make a return

Alan Wake - last seen 2012

The original Alan Wake was pretty much synonymous with the Xbox 360, and it's one of the best exclusive titles to have ever released on the console. When it first released, we found ourselves gripped to the titular characters journey to find his missing wife, and we found its episodic structure to be spectacularly paced. After the disappointing American Nightmare that was simply missing some of that secret sauce, a proper sequel for the game was planned, but sadly this was scrapped and was eventually reworked into 2016's Quantum Break. We also got the excellent Control not too long ago, which shared the same universe, but now even 11 years later, we're still waiting on a true sequel.

7 more gaming franchises we would like to see make a return

Resistance - last seen 2012

Insomniac Games has produced some incredible IPs over its lifetime, with Ratchet and Clank and Spyro the Dragon likely being at the forefront. But, the developer also created one of the most exciting shooters we've ever seen, the Resistance series. This franchise was based in an alternate history where humanity had to take up the task of facing down deadly alien invaders, and it brought a whole armoury of crazy weapons to the table for you to do so with. After the conclusion of the most recent Resistance 3, Insomniac took a step away from the series in favour of other IPs, but the story of Resistance is by no means over, and whether or not Insomniac themselves take up the task, we'd like to see what the power of new-gen consoles can bring to this incredible series.

7 more gaming franchises we would like to see make a return

Rayman - last seen 2013

Rayman Legends may have only released back in 2013, but the future for this once beloved platforming mascot is still admittedly looking a little bleak. Series creator Michel Ancel, who has been involved in all previous games in the series, retired from game development in September 2020, and the two most recent games Origins and Legends struggled to generate much of a profit within their opening few months. The silence surrounding the series is a real shame, as these two aforementioned titles helped to reinvent the series and they are solid 2D platformers in their own rights.

7 more gaming franchises we would like to see make a return

Killzone - last seen 2013

Before it disappeared off the face of the Earth, Killzone was PlayStation's premier exclusive shooter. Set in a fictional future, this series was based around a galactic war between the Interplanetary Strategic Alliance and the Helghast Empire. With atrocities being committed on both sides, Killzone delivered a brutal depiction of war, and put you right in the centre of it in the first-person perspective. While the older titles focussed more on delivering a shooter-heavy experience, the most recent, Shadow Fall looked more toward storyline, and even though it didn't deliver the best Killzone experience to date, it showed that this iconic universe still has a lot of story to explore. Hopefully one day, we will get to see it again.

7 more gaming franchises we would like to see make a return

Sly Cooper - last seen 2013

Emerging within the explosion of PS2 mascot platformers was Sly Cooper. This anthropomorphic racoon and his pals stood out from the rest of the crowded genre at the time as their trilogy of games introduced aspects of stealth to the mix. The game also features a lovable cast of characters and follows their efforts to score some major loot. Sadly despite its unique offering, Sly never achieved the heights of its platforming peers and Sucker Punch later went on to devote its time to creating more mature offerings. With platformers seeing a resurgence as of late, we would love to see Sly make a return soon.

7 more gaming franchises we would like to see make a return

Be sure to let us know if there are any other forgotten franchises that you are desperate to see return in the comments below.

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