9.7 million players sampled the Overwatch beta

Infographic shows us just how much people loved the open beta.

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The release of Overwatch draws ever nearer, with the game set to launch on Tuesday, and thus Blizzard have been teasing us ever since the beta ended. Blizzard have, in a blog post, given us an infographic detailing all the little things that happened during the hugely popular open beta.

As we already know, the beta was played by more than 9.7 million people. That ended up meaning over 37 million matches were played, with 4.9 billion minutes in total. The most played heroes for each category were Soldier 76 on offence, Widowmaker on defence, Reinhardt on tank, and Mercy on support.

One interesting statistic coming out of this infographic is that over 1.3 trillion damage was dealt over the course of just over seven days, and 168 billion health points were healed. The most satisfying stat here is that 326 million pesky Bastion units were destroyed during the course of the beta, which is a good thing to hear.

The infographic rounds off by telling us that 341 million friendly heroes were commended, and 72 million enemy heroes were commended for their skill, and that Blizzard gives everyone who played countless thank yous. Overwatch is set to launch on Tuesday, May 24, for PC, Xbox One, and PS4.


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