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Watch Dogs: Legion

A 60FPS performance mode is arriving within Watch Dogs: Legion's next update

It's one of the game's most requested features.

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Right off the back of Watch Dogs: Legion's 4.0 update, Ubisoft has revealed that the game will soon be receiving a 60FPS performance mode for PS5 and Xbox Series. This is long-requested feature is set to arrive within the game's 4.5 update alongside a new Tactical Op known as Project OMNI.

The game's most recent 4.0 update added several big chances such as a Friends Only mode for co-op missions and enhancements to character customisation. The Friends Only mode is another long-requested feature, as it enables players to team up exclusively with others that they already know. The enhanced personalisation options include a broader range of hairstyles, tattoos, and piercings that players can sift between when putting their own spin on characters.

What other features would you like to see come to Legion?

Watch Dogs: Legion

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