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Civilization VI

A Civilization VI player managed to get a city to 200 population

It took them nearly 1000 turns.

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Civilization VI has been out for a few weeks now, and we're beginning to see players push certain systems of the game to their absolute limits. One such player on Reddit named Procblocked has done just this, and managed to create a city of 200 population.

The player created the city as Brazil, and it took them nearly 1000 turns, until the year 2289 in-game, to create this megacity. He ended up creating 30 neighbourhoods, 20 stadiums, and 80 trade routes in what is an absolute goliath of a city. Redditor Plastonick calculated that, if the population algorithm was the same as that of Civilization V, then the real-life population of the city would be around 2.7 billion.

Another user commented: "Looks like a good nuke target." Some men just want to watch the world burn, it seems.

We're not sure if this would ever work in an actual game of Civilization (our bets are that it wouldn't), but in the screenshot the player had over 1,300,000 gold, 500,000 faith, and was generating over 1600 science per turn. You can check out the original reddit post from Procblocked here. What are your highest achievements on Civilization?

Civilization VI
Civilization VI
Civilization VI

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