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A closer look at Huawei's MateStation X and MatePad Paper

We also learn more about the MateBook E convertible and the recently-released Huawei P50 Pocket foldable phone.

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Huawei clearly was one of the absolute protagonists at Mobile World Congress 2022 earlier this week. They kicked off the event on Sunday already, with their own, separate presentation to introduce their new "Super Devices" for the smart office, and then from Monday to Thursday they conquered literally half of Fira Barcelona Gran Via's Hall 1 to show those products and pretty much everything else they have in store, which is a whole lot.

"The main takeaway is that Huawei is working really hard on making consumers' life much easier", says product marketing manager at Huawei CBG Spain Rian Ordóñez about the conference on the new lineup by CEO Richard Yu. "At the end of the day we're developing so many devices, integrating them as a Super Device, to make them [more] productive and creative".


The MateStation X, the MateBook E and the Super Device experience

In the video, Ordóñez walks us through some of the newly-introduced devices. First stop is the most obvious and exciting, as we learn more about the all-in-one desktop PC and integrated display Huawei MateStation X. "The main feature is the screen quality, which is actually 4K+", she says about the 28.2", 3:2 real colour display, to then highlight the lightness and thinness of the aluminium unibody.

The MateStation X hides an AMD Ryzen 7 5800X CPU, 16 GB of RAM and 1 TB of SSD. The 10-point multitouch screen occupies 92% of the device's frame and its coating reduces flair and reflections. Pitched as "the best all-in-one PC", it'll release at 2,199 eur, including Windows 11 Home.

At the second stop we learn about the Huawei MateBook E, the brand's new convertible that can be used as both tablet and laptop. One feature here is that the cover of the product itself includes a USB-C port within its hinge, ready to recharge.

These come "with 11-Gen Intel processor and Windows 11 (...) but you're able to download apps typically native to laptops, tablets, or smartphones", as it was also introduced at MWC. With an 12.6" OLED screen, and described as "the best 2 in 1 laptop in the world", it'll release at a price range between 699 and 1399 eur.

At this point in the video Rian shows us the Super Device experience, which is available now with PC Manager Update to version 12.0.2, and is all about pairing up devices within the same ecosystem to do both multi-tasking, multi-screening, and using all products as peripherals to one another, no matter if, say, one devices is Win-based and the next one uses HarmonyOS.

The MatePad Paper and the glamorous P50 Pocket

Finally we didn't want to leave without trying out Huawei's first ever eBook, the MatePad Paper, which tries to improve on every feature offered by other brands. Same as with the MateStation X, the bigger 10.3" e-ink screen is meant to house up to four documents, allowing to read and take notes, for example, which can also be voice notes, as explained by Rian. Including a 2nd Gen M-Pencil and a cover, it'll release at 499 eur.

The interview concludes on Huawei's foldable phone, the P50 Pocket, as it was released just a month ago. Ordóñez goes through its reception and main features while we take a look at its screen ring, an external display that allows to operate the folded device or to take selfie pictures with the main set of external cameras, for example.

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