Dirt 5

A more arcadey Dirt 5 starts its engine on Xbox Series X

Codemasters unveiled the new racing game by the team formerly known as Evolution Studios.

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When the back and forth between Dirt and Dirt Rally series started to get too confusing, Codemasters has finally decided to differentiate and branch its rally series with dedicated styles and studios. Dirt 5 was the second game unveiled today during the Inside Xbox presentation, and as such is confirmed for both Xbox One and Xbox Series X, including Smart Delivery.

Codemasters themselves had been teasing the announcement for days on their social channels, and now it's clear that teasing was for what everyone expected... but more changed than ever. Take a look at the trailer:

Dirt 5 thus takes a sharp turn as a series, seemingly becoming a more arcadey and open-ended racing experience compared to the hardcore simulation of Dirt Rally (which, by the way, should be getting a third instalment in the not-so-distant future).

Dirt 5 has the clear signature of the old Evolution Studios, a team that was acquired by the publisher after its work on DriveClub. But moreso than the PS4 racer, this games seems inspired by the beloved Motorstorm series, by their old WRC games, and even by OnRush.

We expect Codemasters to keep detailing Dirt 5 in the upcoming weeks and we expect it to release, other than on Xbox One and Series X, on PlayStation consoles and PC.

Dirt 5

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