A new Among Us-inspired mode is now available in Fortnite

Fortnite Impostors sees eight Agents work together to identify two Imposters.

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Over the years, we've seen many games try and piggyback on the success of Fortnite by cramming in a battle royale-style mode. This month, Fortnite has flipped the script and is the one playing copycat, as it has taken clear inspiration from Among Us within its brand-new Fortnite Imposters mode. The mode is available now in the game and it features a never-before-seen map known as The Bridge.

If you're a fan of Among Us then the overview of this mode should sound pretty familiar. The 10-player mode sees eight players play as Agents and two players act as Imposters. Agents are required to complete Assignments such as repairing the Battle Bus or calibrating llamas, but Imposters must sabotage their efforts and eliminate Agents without getting caught.

Discussions can be called here and the goal is to locate the two Imposters before they have a chance to eliminate the rest of the group. Players can both communicate through both Emotes and Quick Chat functions to share their thoughts on just who is looking suspicious.

You can watch the trailer for Fortnite Imposters above.


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