Pokémon Go

A new demo shows-off Pokémon Go on a Microsoft HoloLens

The demo is not intended for consumer use, however.

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Microsoft and Niantic has recently released a new demo showing off Pokémon Go running on a HoloLens. The demo shows the massively popular game running on the augmented reality hardware, and while it does seem to work fairly well, Niantic has stated that the "demo is not intended for consumer use, it offers an early glimpse into the future evolutions in both software and hardware."

The AR project is part of the movement to use augmented reality to "enrich daily routines" such as going for a walk. The demo is only brief and doesn't exactly show Pokémon Go in its full glory, but it does give us a look at what the UI could be like if the game ever makes it to the platform. You can see a look at that below.

We don't know exactly how the future will see the evolution of Pokémon Go on AR, but Niantic has stated; "We've only scratched the surface. We know the years ahead to be filled with important achievements which will serve as waypoints in AR's journey to become a life-changing computing platform. We're thrilled to be leading the way."

Pokémon Go
Pokémon Go

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