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Tekken 7

A new female fighter is coming to Tekken 7

A mysterious character silhouette has appeared on the Tekken 7 site and by the text accompanying it, it's a female fighter.

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Tekken 7 turns three years old this Spring, but Bandai Namco is not yet done with updates. Muay Thai specialist Fahkumram was added to the line-up in late March, meaning that every announced character included in Season Pass 3 is already available for download. While waiting to hear what direction will take Katsuhiro Harada next, a silhouette of appeared on the official website.

"Nothing at all is known about this mysterious fighters", reads the description. Thanks to the text in other languages what we know is that Tekken 7's character number 50 is a she, although the outline next to the words looks like a generic placeholder for a male character, not a strong female fighter.

Is this the teaser for a new season pass in Tekken 7 or just an individual download? We will keep you informed.

Update: A spokesperson for Bandai Namco just reached out to tell us that this image is a placeholder and not a tease for an upcoming addition to the roster.

As you were, dear readers, as you were.

Tekken 7

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