Moving Out

A new 'Moving In' mode is coming soon to Moving Out

It comes as part of a free update that also allows you to customise character's shirts.

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We reported previously that new content would be coming to Moving Out in 2021 and today we have been given the very first peak. The game will soon be receiving a free 'Moving In' update that will add a new game mode and several other smaller additions.

This new game mode provides a significant twist on the core gameplay loop, as it tasks players with unloading a moving van rather than racing to fill it up. The mode will be available with 12 of the game's original levels and includes a handy 'auto snap' feature which allows you to quickly snap items right into place.

The update also includes two new dance moves (The Prospector and Loveshack) and enables players to customise their character's shirts.

Moving Out

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