Stardew Valley

A new patch has been delivered for Stardew Valley on Nintendo Switch

It should have fixed a few bugs and crashes, among a few other things.

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ConcernedApe, the creator of the highly acclaimed farming simulator Stardew Valley has released a new patch for the game's Switch version. The update is said to fix "a few bugs and crashes, and also fixed the notorious mummified bat issue".

Stardew Valley has been growing since its initial launch in 2016. The game reached 10 million units sold back in January 2020, and just recently even got its own board game adaption.

With its latest big Update ver. 1.5 brought us a series of great changes such as a new region to the in-game world, split-screen feature, new items, improvements and more, we have to say that we are really looking forward to its next update. What else would you like to see/have in the game?

Stardew Valley

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