Rainbow Six: Siege

A new Rainbow Six: Siege operation has launched

The new content drops landed alongside a new trailer shown at the Ubisoft press conference.

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Support for Rainbow Six: Siege keeps on coming, and this month is no different. To coincide with E3 week, Ubisoft has set Operation Phantom Sight live on all platforms. This season of content brings with it new featured customisation options on a reworked storefront, two new operators and a map redesign, amongst other bits and pieces.

Nøkk and Warden are the two new operators, each with a different set of traits and abilities. Nøkk is an attacking operator with a few cool stealth mechanics. Her HEL glove attachment reduces her ambient noise levels alongside keeping her hidden from enemy observation tools. An attacker for a good tactical flank it seems.

Warden is a defensive operator who uses his Smart Glasses to nullify the effects of certain enemy grenade types. When activated, he can see through smoke and reverse the effects of a flashbang grenade, so long as the player remains stationary.

The trailer shows off Warden pulling off a clutch using his abilities, to an epic soundtrack. Operation Phantom Sight is live today, June 11, for Rainbow Six: Siege.

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