A playable, never-released Panel de Pon 64 has been unearthed

The prototype's build was dated exactly 21 years ago, but the game never released on the system.

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A yellow, re-writable Nintendo 64 development cartridge has been found containing a never-released Panel de Pon prototype. As unearthed and shown by Gamers Manuel on Youtube, the puzzle game is perfectly bootable and playable at its pre-beta stage on an N64 system, but given that the build date is from twenty-one years ago, it seems that for unknown development or publishing reasons, the project was postponed too much and eventually canned, perhaps as the certain cubic console was releasing a couple of years later.

The very rare title had characters, menus and game modes pretty much finished, including a 3D mode which placed the panels around a cylinder. The then sequel to the original Panel de Pon for Super Nintendo (which became Tetris Attack featuring Yoshi in the West) ended up as part of the Nintendo Puzzle Collection on Gamecube (which looked like an exact port of this), but before that, it was probably recycled as Pokémon Puzzle League on the Nintendo 64 itself.

With this finding and the original SNES Panel de Pon recently releasing for free to Nintendo Switch Online users, would you like to see the series back with a new game on the hybrid console as it happened recently with Tetris or Puyo-Puyo?

A playable, never-released Panel de Pon 64 has been unearthed

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