A Way Out

A Way Out's Josef Fares thinks that "it's a problem that players don't finish the games"

The controversial game director brought up a very important issue.

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While many are waiting to learn more about Hazelight's fun new platform/co-op game It Takes Two, the controversial game director Josef Fares - also Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons and A Way Out's former author - recently touched on a very important issue in an interview with GameInformer USA. Among the various topics touched during the interview, Fares also faced a problem that it's now very widespread among players: a lot of them don't complete games anymore.

According to the creative, just 51% of A Way Out owners have completed the game, and despite GameInformer's colleague acknowledging it as a good result compared to the average, Fares said he was very disappointed: "[...]it saddens me. That means that 49 percent of people didn't finish it. It's not something I should be happy about."

He added: ""Every journalist right now needs to stop writing replayabilty, because we need to fix the problem that people are not even finishing our games. People are not even finishing the games. Listen to how sick this is: It's so sick that the developers and publishers are literally focusing on the first piece of the game, because they know that's what people will play. This is a mass psychosis going on!"

Hopefully Josef Fares can change players' minds with It Takes Two, which is expected to launch on March 23 on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and Windows PC.

A Way Out

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