Absolver releases largest game update so far

Featuring a new game mode and customisation options.

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The PvP combat brawler Absolver has released a huge update, its biggest yet, and features a ton of new stuff for players to get their hands on, including a new mode to try out.

Headlining the update is this new 3v3 Overtake game mode, and here players not only have an extra enemy to deal with, but must hold capture points to win the game. Along with the game mode comes three new Overtake maps, and players can either party up or find a group of players to help with this frantic battle for control.

An all new private 1v1 mode has also launched, meaning you can truly settle the score after an intense match online. The 1v1 game mode also boasts 60 frames-per-second on PlayStation 4, so console players will be able to get in on the action too.

On top of these new modes, customising your character in Absolver just got better, as there are now dyes for equipment. Players can change the colour of their cosmetic items, and even purchase new weapons, equipment, and emotes from the all-new shop.

DevolverDigital and Sloclap have addressed some community complaints as well, implementing new anti-cheat measures, game balancing, and 21:9 monitor support for the game. Will you be taking the fight to the battlefield first, or changing some colours?


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