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Alt Frequencies

Accidental Queens talks about audio in Alt Frequencies

Jedidjah Julia Noomen joined us for a chat about the mechanics of their audio-based game, and where this could go in the future.

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Jedidjah Julia Noomen participated in a talk about audio in games at Gamelab in Barcelona, which is appropriate given she helped bring Accidental Queens' Alt Frequencies to life, and we actually caught up with her in our own interview to ask about the possibility of making a game where you talk to get involved with the experience yourself.

"I think it's really interesting, if the technology will advance a bit more," she told us. "We looked into possibilities with Alexa for this game as well, just to see where we were at, and we decided for this game not to do that, not just because technical difficulties but also because, for this game specifically, the theme of the game is really about distributing information, making people aware of what they do and how they do it, and how little snippets of information can invoke different reactions from other people."

"So for this game specifically it was really important to not be the one to think of new information, to talk back to the actors, but use the stuff - like you would do on social media - take the stuff from the radio and take that out and insert it somewhere else and see how the other people would react to that [...] it was important to have that kind of way to convey what we were talking about in this game."

"But having the possibility to have players talk back to your game is really interesting and [...] I really hope that technology will go further and further and make it possible to have a proper, immersive conversation with a game."

For more on Alt Frequencies check out our review from this year. Do you like this rather unique method of storytelling?

Alt Frequencies

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