Action RPG Dauntless is getting a massive patch today

Dauntless - Reforged is said to be the biggest update so far, and it will bring the players a lot of new things to try out.

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Dauntless is a "Monster Hunter-like" free-to-play action-RPG from Phoenix Labs, and just a few days after the initial release back in May 2019, the game already hit five million players.

Ever since, the developer has been working hard to expand the audience by; bringing updates, launching the game on Switch, or making plans for the next-gen consoles.

They are still making efforts, as a massive patch is actually landing today. Titled Dauntless - Reforged, the patch 1.5.0 is expected to arrive at at 10 a.m. PT., coming with a launch trailer summing up the new content, which you can see below.


One of the biggest changes in Dauntless - Reforged is Slayer's Path, a new progression system. This brings a huge overhaul, and as the Path branches, it lets you choose where to invest your time and effort. In shorts, players get to decide what to focus on.

Among all the new stuffs, Dauntless - Reforged also presents Hunting Grounds. This is a new way to hunt, with 18 handcrafted islands to explore, brimming with flora, fauna, treasures to discover, and of course there will be some fearsome Behemoths.

There is a lot more including battle pass, gameplay tweaks and bug fixes, you can check the full patch notes here.


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