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Joe Danger Touch

Afterword: Joe Danger Touch

Joe Danger conquered his latest challenge recently with a daredevil leap onto iOS with Joe Danger Touch. We talk to Sean Murray, Managing Director at Hello Games post-launch to discuss the format move, and what plans the team have for the character next.

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Joe Danger Touch

Bringing Joe Danger to the iOS format: what was the biggest challenge with that and how did you solve it?

Everyone told me that Joe Danger's aesthetic would really suit iOS, but I knew the gameplay wouldn't. On PS3 we use every single one of the 14 digitals and 6 analogs of the pad, and on iPhone we wanted something purely touch driven. Now playtesters keep telling me it's a nice blend of their other favorite games on iPhone - Bike Baron, Jetpack Joyride and Rayman Jungle Run. Usually that would really wind me up... like I think we're unique! I kind of see it as a compliment here, that Joe Danger feels at home on iOS, and is being compared to some of the best games on the device.

Do you want to remain a small studio forever?

We'll always be a smaller studio than the games we make I think. I like that we can all get round a table, or fit in one taxi. There's a real camaraderie between us, and it feels like us against the world. I hope that never changes.

Are you looking at other franschises than Joe Danger for the future?

We made a pact about two years ago, that after this, there would be no more Joe Danger games. We did that to make sure we would give it everything we had, then go out on a high. The codename for our next game is Project Skyscraper and it's something very different, a new genre, new platform, hugely ambitious. It's a complete change of direction, and one that's going to surprise people I hope.

Joe Danger Touch

When you look at an image of this great character Hello Games created, what do you feel?

Well, as I said, this is our last Joe Danger game and you might think I would be glad to leave Joe Danger behind after a few years, wouldn't you? Instead I feel incredibly sad, it's a game that I'm so very proud of, that's been very important to us, and a lot of people have a real fondness for. It feels right to change though, we're ready for that. I'm excited for what's next. I will always have a huge fondness for Joe, him and I have been through a lot together. We're going to have to work hard to make him proud in future.

Have you done any motorbike riding at the office for research purposes?

Hah! After Joe Danger released on PS3, we hired a bunch of mini-motos, basically tiny little motorbikes that still drive at 70mph. We rode them around for the day for "research", but really it was just a very dangerous but fitting celebration... Grant, our only artist, crashed and ended up in hospital - for a while we thought we'd have to make the rest of our games with programmer art. Luckily he survived...

Joe Danger Touch is available on the App Store now for £1.99. Our review of the game will be on the site in the near future.

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