All-Star rosters revealed for Overwatch League

The Pacific and Atlantic teams will battle it out this month, as well as others in the Arcade matches the day before.

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A new press release has revealed the results of the voting for the Overwatch League's 2019 All-Star Game, with fans around the world voting for who they want to see battle it out on both the Atlantic and Pacific teams.

On the Atlantic side we have the following players:

Seong-Hyun 'Jjonak' Bang (New York Excelsior, support)
Yeon-Jun 'Ark' Hong (Washington Justice, support)
Jae-Hyeok 'Carpe' Lee (Philadelphia Fusion, DPS)
Do-Hyeon 'Pine' Kim (New York Excelsior, DPS)
Gael 'Poko' Gouzerch (Philadelphia Fusion, tank)
Cameron 'Fusions' Bosworth (Boston Uprising, tank)

As for the Pacific starters, these are as follows:

Je-Hong 'Ryujehong' Ryu (Seoul Dynasty, support)
Xianyao 'Yveltal' Li (Chengdu Hunters, support)
Hu 'JinMu' Yi (Chengdu Hunters, DPS)
Byung-Sun 'Fleta' Kim (Seoul Dynasty, DPS)
Qiulin 'Guxue' Xu (Hangzhou Spark, tank)
Menghan 'Ameng' Ding (Chengdu Hunters, tank)

The Atlantic side will be coached by New York Excelsior's Hyeon-Sang 'Pavane' Yu, with the Pacific team headed by Vancouver Titans' Ji-Cub 'PaJion' Hwang.

But that's not all, as 12 other players from each division can compete in skill games at the main event too, selected by player, coach, talent, and staff voting, the results of which will be revealed next week. As for what modes these Arcade modes are, we have news on what they'll be playing, as decided by another fan vote:

Healers Never Die — 6v6. Supports only. One hero limit. Control (Nepal)
Sibling Rivalry — 6v6. Three Genjis and three Hanzos per team. Assault (Hanamura)
Thanks, but No Tanks - 6v6. No tanks. One hero limit. Hybrid (Blizzard World)
Terrible, Terrible Damage — 6v6. Damage only. One hero limit. Hybrid (Hollywood)
Keeping the Peace - 6v6. McCree only. Escort (Tiebreaker - Route 66)

This All-Star Arcade is coming on May 15 starting at 18:00 PDT (02:00 the next morning in BST, 03:00 CEST), with the All-Star Game coming the day after at the same time. During the event you can try the Overwatch League Command Center on Twitch for free as well, although you can get tickets to see it in person too.

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Photo: Overwatch League

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