Alt Frequencies

Alt Frequencies shows "spreading information has an impact"

We spoke with Accidental Queens co-founder Diane Landais at PAX about the audio-based "narrative mystery game."

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At PAX East in Boston we spoke with co-founder of Accidental Queens Diane Landais about the game Alt Frequencies, what it's all about, and the messages it presents, since it's an audio-based experience that sounds rather outside-the-box.

"It's a narrative mystery game in which you listen to radio stations and try to solve a mystery," Landais said. "You have one possible action in the game - it's to record what's being broadcasted, and send your clips to other stations."

"So for example, you might hear something great on a pop station between [...] tracks and send that to the news station and suddenly it's breaking news."

"In the game we have six chapters. Each of them is centered around one idea of how information spreads, and we want players to experience these actions that lead to sometimes taking information out of context, sending it to someone else, and creating something that you might not have seen coming. We try to illustrate different situations to make sure that you get a broad view of how spreading information has an impact, and sometimes not the best one."

Does this method of storytelling appeal to you?

Alt FrequenciesAlt FrequenciesAlt Frequencies

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