Bayonetta 3

Amazon thinks Bayonetta 3 release date will be revealed at E3

Their recent placeholders seem to suggest the game is coming this year.

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Amazon UK, as noted by ResetEra user CarthOhNoes, has flooded their page with placeholders for a bunch of Switch games in anticipation of Nintendo's press conference at E3 next week, and while most of the placeholders are generic, there's one that stands out - a placeholder image that looks suspiciously like the logo to an upcoming and highly-anticipated Bayonetta game:

Bayonetta 3
Bayonetta 3

So Amazon thinks Bayonetta 3's release date will be revealed at E3, it would appear. Nintendo themselves have said that, like previous E3 press conferences, they will only be focusing on games slated for release in 2018, and that games launching beyond 2018 will be featured at a later date. Does this mean Bayonetta 3 will come out in 2018 after all? Does Amazon know something, or is it just guesswork? That remains to be seen.

We guess we'll know for sure on Tuesday, June 12, when Nintendo will be debuting a video presentation featuring games releasing in 2018. Is Bayonetta 3 your most-anticipated game for the Switch?

Bayonetta 3

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