Dual Universe

Ambitious space sim MMO Dual Universe funded on Kickstarter

The game is all about crafting and building. And trading. And space exploration. With some added combat and digging.

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Back at E3 PC Gaming Show, right before No Man's Sky craze and controversy, and in a time when space sims are leaving their particular new golden age, we left very impressed with Novaquark's Dual Universe, a truly ambitious and innovative technology-based proposal in which you can create spaceships, buildings or full bases and cities, then have combat, mining, crafting, trading or digging in a shared online world. Our recap interview with CEO Jean-Christophe Baillie talked us through all the bullet points and game systems back then:

Now, after a summer of pre-alpha feedback, the game has managed to find success with its Kickstarter campaign, which is among the biggest - if not the biggest - crowdfunding campaign on the platform in the last few months, with more than €500,000 collected with a day and a half to go.

For more info on the many systems and features, the following pre-alpha gameplay clips, captured by the Parisian team as dev diaries, are samples focused on specific aspects and technologies, and show how they work in-game on Dual Universe:

Dual Universe

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