Andbox rounds out its Valorant line-up by signing Vice
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Andbox rounds out its Valorant line-up by signing Vice

Following the signing of Mada, the New York-based organisation has finalised its revamped Valorant roster.

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Andbox has been in the business of announcing some new members for its Valorant line-up these past few days, and it has finally concluded with the recent signing of Daniel "vice" Kim. Vice officially joins the team after serving on a trial contract since late March, and he fills the role as the fifth member, following the previous announcement of Adam "mada" Pampuch joining the team, who also played under a trial contract since late March alike Vice.

Despite having a pretty strong entrance into Valorant in late 2020, Andbox has struggled to make an impact on the scene ever since. It has qualified for the Valorant Champions Tour a few times, but has failed to make a dent in the Challengers level of competition. With the roster now finalised, the team can hopefully start making more of an impact, as there are still a few slots available in the Challengers Finals yet to be filled.


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