Andbox win Renegades Valorant Invitational

After a wild weekend of games, the team knocked Immortals out of the running to take the tournament.

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The Renegades X Nerd Street Gamers Valorant Invitational has concluded, with Andbox taking home the title. Following a crazy weekend of games, involving 16 individual teams, the tournament wrapped up seeing the victor take home $6000.

Andbox cruised through their group stages, finishing 2-0 in Group B, before heading into the quarterfinals against Mamba Mode Gaming. Following a 2-0 victory here as well, Anbox moved forward to the semi-finals where they knocked out Moon Raccoons in a closer 2-1 series.

The finals saw Andbox take on the newly built Immortals line-up, where the series went only two maps. The first game on Bind was fairly dominant for Andbox, who beat Immortals 13-7, however the second map, Split went as far as it could, seeing Andbox win with a 15-13 tight result.

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