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Another 140,000 Nintendo Network IDs may be compromised

The 160,000 Nintendo Network IDs that were reported compromised earlier this year did not pose as the end of Nintendo's security issues it seems.

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Bad news for Nintendo Switch owners. According to some recent investigations, the Japanese industry giant " target="_blank">has discovered further security problems for another 140.000 Nintendo Network accounts, which could have suffered unaware violations in the past few months.

Therefore, the total number of violated accounts rises to 300,000 (160,000 had already been reported last April). To counter the problem, Nintendo has disabled access with Network ID but has also advised players to use the two-factor system to protect their account.

The good news, however, is that of a total of 300,000 Nintendo Network accounts reported at risk, less than 1% have witnessed illegal purchases or theft of sensitive data. Apparently, the passwords of the reported accounts have been automatically reset by the system.

Have you activated two-factor verification on your Nintendo Switch?

Another 140,000 Nintendo Network IDs may be compromised

Thanks to NintendoEverything.

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