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Apex Legends' Loba introduces herself in new trailer

While we've seen Loba in two previous character-specific trailers, this time we get to see her in action.

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Tonight Electronic Arts and Respawn Entertainment will start the fifth season - Fortune's Favor - of their battle royale shooter Apex Legends, which comes with a treasure chest full of new content. First of all, there is the new legend called Loba, whom we are able to take a closer look at in a new character video. She enters the Apex games with three powerful skills that will change the game quite a bit.

Loba passively reveals high-tier loot, so she can make out her prey even through walls if she is close to it. Her main ability is teleportation, which gives her great control over the battlefield. Her ultimate talent is accessing the black market, from which each player can pick up up to two items (weapons, equipment and ammunition) that are lying around within a certain range. This means that your team will spend less time searching for certain weapon attachments and instead focus directly on the battles ahead.

Season 5 starts at 7 pm BST today, introducing a new premium Battle Pass, changes to the map Kings Canyon and a PvE mode called Quests (which runs for nine weeks and brings narrative elements into the game). At the same time, the competitive ranking will be reset, so you start the climb again.

Apex Legends has every reason to be pleased, as Electronic Arts stated in their latest financial report. Without specifying numbers, EA revealed to that its shooter was the free PS4 game that was most frequently downloaded from the Playstation Store in 2019 - that means it even surpassed Fortnite when it comes to gaining traction with new players. In turn, Apex helped EA earning close-to $1.8 billion in "operational activities" - microtransactions and other forms of revenue based on live services.

Apex LegendsApex Legends

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