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Apex Legends' Season 5 trailer gives us more info on Loba

After having been announced via a story trailer prior, Loba Andrade takes centre stage in the fifth season's launch trailer.

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Apex Legends' fifth season is upon us and with the new season comes a new character. Having already been revealed via a recent story trailer, Loba Andrade is a staff-wielding master thief looking to get revenge on those who killed her parents - the Revenant. Lucky for her, she'll get plenty of chances to get her revenge as she joins the Apex Legends for its fifth season.

"When she was nine years old, Loba Andrade witnessed her parents' murders at the hands of the simulacrum Revenant. Orphaned and tossed into the system, Loba fought tooth and nail to overcome the adversity of her childhood. She grew up to become a famous high society socialite by day, and the Outlands' most infamous thief by night. Now, her parents' seemingly immortal killer has re-emerged, and she's tracked him to the Apex Games. She's looking for answers, treasure, and a way to take the one thing that's always been out of her reach: revenge."

Apex Legends' Season 5 kicks off on May 12 for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Looking to learn more about staff-wielding badass Loba? Take a look at the launch trailer of Season 5 below.

Apex Legends

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