Super Mario Party

Apparently someone spent £5,400 on Super Mario Party

Somebody really wanted to party early.

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Super Mario Party will be landing on the Nintendo Switch in just a few days, but it seems as though one determined (but also rich) player has already come into possession of an early retail copy of the next entry in the long-running party game series.

As we discovered over on ResetEra, there is someone who was willing to pay a staggering $7,100 (which equates to about £5.4K here in the UK) during an auction on eBay, just so they could get hold of a copy of the game before anyone else. Either that or Nintendo snapped it up, of course.

The seller tried to confirm that the game was legit via this video, and the listing apparently revealed that the cartridge was found in an airport. We've tried to track down a link to the item, but alas it has seemingly been taken down (although Press Start writes that they watched the final bids go in, so we're very much left taking their word for it).

Given how the game is due out on October 5, do you agree that paying more than five grand is a touch too enthusiastic? Or do you reckon that, realising their mistake at the airport, someone or something had to stump up the cash to get it back? Give us your best conspiracy theories below.

Super Mario Party

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