Are Anaconda and Lockhart the next-gen Xbox consoles?

A new report has dug up some interesting rumours regarding future hardware and what could happen in 2019.

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We all know Microsoft is gearing up for something, what with them acquiring several new game studios, and we also know they have to be building something, because the Xbox One isn't getting any younger, and rumours about a potential release date for the PS5 have already been circulating for awhile.

Windows Central has done a bit of digging, and reported on a few rumours they've unearthed, including the fact that Microsoft is working on next-gen consoles codenamed Anaconda and Lockhart.

According to them the Xbox Anaconda will be an equivalent to the Xbox One X - a more expensive, more powerful variant - whereas Xbox Lockhart will be the more affordable of the two, akin to the Xbox One S. The new consoles will quite possibly have SSD storage, as Microsoft is reportedly working on technology that will reduce loading times, so when Skyrim is inevitably announced for the Anaconda, you won't spend five minutes trying to enter or exit a building.

According to the same report, other stuff Microsoft is allegedly working on includes:

  • The Discless Xbox One they reported on earlier this year

  • Making the next-gen consoles fully compatible with everything on any gen Xbox.

  • Playing Xbox one games anywhere, on any device via Project xCloud .

  • Possible mobile collaboration with Razer.

Of course, these are all just rumours right now, and nothing has been confirmed, but it does look like 2019 is shaping up to be a really interesting year.

What do you want to see from Xbox in the future?

Are Anaconda and Lockhart the next-gen Xbox consoles?

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