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Assetto Corsa Porsche Pack 1 out now

PC users can grab these new cars now.

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Assetto Corsa, the beautiful looking racing simulator that boasts some of the best realism in racing games to date, has come out with a brand-new Porsche pack this week. This DLC pack includes many famous and powerful Porsche cars, including the 911 Carrera, the 918 Spyder and many more.

This Porsche pack is to be the first in a series of three releasing over the next two months, all of which promise to add a brilliant set of vehicles to your garage. On top of this, a season pass has also been released for the game, and buying this will net you three add-on packs, or 21 cars, at a discounted price.

Porsche Pack 1 for Assetto Corsa is out now on Steam, and you can expect to see it drop in the next few days on console. The second and third packs are set to drop in November and December, respectively. Are Porsches up there with your favourite cars?

Assetto CorsaAssetto CorsaAssetto Corsa

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