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Astralis fined by Riot Games for late player payments

The organisation was disciplined with a €5000 fine.

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Following player reports that Astralis has been late on payments to its League of Legends players and coaching staff, Riot Games has issued a disciplinary action against the organisation, seeing it required to pay a €5000 fee, with some added extra clauses.

Astralis will also be required to set up a direct grievance report line with its players/staff. The organisation will also be required to create a on-boarding programme, which more clearly defines an overview of Danish vacation pay, as well as taxing guidelines. The League will also schedule regular calls to ensure the above has been executed, and finally the team General Manager, and Astralis as an org will be officially warned for their conduct.

According to The Esports Observer, Astralis agreed to all clauses, and has been fully cooperative in ensuring players/staff are compensated correctly.

League of Legends

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