Astroneer coming to Early Access and Xbox Preview

Prepare for more space exploration this December.

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Developer System Era Softworks announced their interesting-looking Astroneer last October, and back in May we were invited on a ten minute gameplay walkthrough that had us intrigued (see the gameplay video below).

The game is a co-op focused experience where you and a friend help each other shape planets as you see fit. Everything can be re-modelled, and it has it own crafting system which allows you to build various things like vehicles.

Astroneer was supposed to hit Steam's Early Access programme this fall, but this seems to have been pushed back ever so slightly. Not by much, though, as the in-development version of the game will be playable in December, which is also the month that Xbox One owners will be able to pick it up via the Game Preview Programme.

System Era Softworks have released a new trailer to make us even more curious about their upcoming pre-release, and you can watch it here:


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"Astroneer offers a delightful experience to lose oneself in, paired with wonderful visuals, and reviewing it was truly a pleasure."

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