Astroneer dev diary shows off 10 minutes of multiplayer

Gorgeous-looking planetary exploration/survival game looks best played with friends.

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Have you heard of Astroneer? Frankly, it's one of the coolest looking and most original games coming out this year. The game puts you in the role of an Astroneer, a lone space adventurer sent to remote planets in order to collect resources for a big megacorp.

The big marquee feature of Astroneer is the fact that not only are the terrain and planets of the game procedurally generated, but the player can freely sculpt the terrain as well, digging out caves, building walls, bridges and other structures just by clicking and moving the mouse.

The development team has just put out a 10 minute dev diary showing off the game, particularly its co-op multiplayer capabilites as three players head out to build storm shelters and explore deep caves. Check it out below. Astroneer is coming to Steam Early Access in late summer or early fall.


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"Astroneer offers a delightful experience to lose oneself in, paired with wonderful visuals, and reviewing it was truly a pleasure."

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