Atlanta's Overwatch League team signs InJustin

He'll be Director of Marketing and Communications.

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Atlanta is one of the expansion locations for the Overwatch League's second season, and now the team (which hasn't got a name yet) has announced that they've signed Justin 'InJustin' Patry as Director of Marketing and Communications.

"To create is to give lift to something meaningful. For others to connect & find meaning through that creation makes it all worthwhile. @JustinMPatry hopes to connect you all. Please welcome your Director of Marketing & Communications, Justin Patry," the team writes.

InJustin has experience as owner of Overwatch Contenders team SkyFoxes, and joins the growing list of staff that have been announced for expansion teams. He also joins Jeremy Poore on the team, who was just revealed as Director of Partnerships.

How well can InJustin do in this role with Atlanta?

Photo: Atlanta OWL

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