Atlantic Division wins Overwatch League All-Star game

We had a fun event to follow Stage 2, featuring various arcade modes, a Talent Takedown, and of course the main event.

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The Overwatch League's All-Star event has come to a close, and it was the Atlantic Division who won over the Pacific Division's team in the main event, winning 4-1 and taking the first three maps in a row.

In the Widomaker 1v1 Min-Seong 'Diem' Bae proved his worth, while the Pacific Division All-Stars got something to brag about by defeating their Atlantic adversaries 3-1 in the All-Star Arcade. The Atlantic team won the 6v6, damage only game, while Pacific won supports only, the Sibling Rivalry (three Genjis and three Hanzos per team), and the McCree only battles. Talent Takedown, however, was won by Atlantic Division, led by Brennon 'Bren' Hook.

Stage 3 of the competition starts on June 6, and if you need reminding, San Francisco Shock won Stage 2 just recently, so they're certainly a team to watch out for.

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Photo: Overwatch League

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