NBA 2K19

AT&T's new NBA partnership covers the 2K League

The tech giant has revealed a partnership that includes the esports competition for 2K's sports game.

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AT&T has announced a brand new partnership with the National Basketball Association (NBA), and while this usually wouldn't be something we'd report on, this is of interest because it also covers the NBA 2K League esports competition as well.

What's more is that AT&T is looking to "bring fans closer to the game through next-generation content experiences that may utilize 4K, virtual reality, mixed reality and other immersive technologies," as phrased by the announcement.

The first season of the NBA 2K League wrapped up last year, and now with this support moving forwards it can only be good news for the competition and for the NBA as a whole.

Did you watch the NBA 2K League's first season?

NBA 2K19

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