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Audi and Astralis partnership a "pilot case"

Audi's Danish Marketing Manager explained the situation.

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Earlier this month we reported that Astralis had announced Audi as their new CS:GO partners, however, that may only be a short term deal, if Audi Denmark's Marketing Manager Christian Weiglin Thorn is to be believed.

Weiglin Thorn recently spoke to theScore esports about the partnershup, and said that it will last through the Eleague Major and DreamHack Masters Las Vegas next month, but it's considered as a "pilot case".

"The agreement should be seen as a pilot case for Audi Denmark with respect to exploring the potential of esports, but basically we see a good match between esports and Audi's strong digital focus," he xplained. "The timing is perfect, since Audi has just launched a new car model, Audi Q2, with the campaign #untaggable that addresses the younger audience. We see it as an exciting opportunity to represent a Danish team, currently ranked #1 in the world, and we see it also as a part of our local talent program to support the five Astralis team members."

Weiglin Thorn didn't say whether Audi's sponsorship would continue after Las Vegas, however, simply saying: "esports are an incredibly exciting and rapidly evolving industry, and with this agreement we have the opportunity to get in touch with a younger audience than our normal core."

Do you think that it would be wise for Astralis and Audi to stay together, or is it appropriate for Audi not to commit to anything long term just yet?

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
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