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Bae "Bang" Jun-sik apologises for quitting game early

The SK Telecom T1 player says it was uncharacteristic behaviour.

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Korean team SK Telecom T1 won the League World Championship in a five-game series that delighted fans, but now it appears that player Bae "Bang" Jun-sik has captured attention not for his performance but for quitting one of the games early.

SK Telecom T1 were facing Samsung Galaxy in one match, and when Samsung started winning the fourth game, having only narrowly lost the third to the Korean team, they were moving in on the base and then on the Nexus, securing victory. This is when Bang quit the game.

He has since apologised for his behaviour in a Facebook post, which is translated as follows:

"In today's (fourth game) match, I left the match before the game ended. I just noticed it too, I swear it. In four years of my career, I never rage-quit in professional or solo-queue games. Even though I did not quit intentionally in the finals, I am disappointed with myself and I am angry. (I was angry with myself in that moment.) I didn't believe that happened. I asked Riot to watch my replay in that match, and with my teammate's reaction, I think I really did it. I'm truly sorry. Thank you for always cheering for us."

Unsportsmanlike behaviour happens in all sports every now and then when tensions rise high, but do you think the apology was enough to make amends?

League of Legends
Photo: SK Telecom T1

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