Soul Calibur V

Bandai Namco sale on Xbox Live

Japanese publisher cuts prices on digital Xbox 360 titles like Soul Calibur V, Ridge Racer Unbounded and Enslaved.

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From today and up until May 26 Bandai Namco are cutting prices on some of their back catalog on Xbox Live. There are some great games to be had cheap including Beautiful Katamari, Eternal Sonata, Enslaved, Soul Calibur V and Tekken Tag Tournament 2. Happy shopping!

· Ridge Racer Unbounded - 75%
· Tekken Tag Tournament 2 - 66%
· Tales of Vesperia - 50%
· SoulCalibur V - 66%
· Ace Combat: Assault Horizon - 66%
· SoulCalibur II HD - 50%
· Enslaved: Premium Edition - 66%
· Armored Core: Verdict Day - 66%
· Eternal Sonata - 66%
· Beautiful Katamari - 66%
· Power Rangers Super Samurai - 50%

Soul Calibur V

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