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Battlefield 2042

Battlefield 2042 dev: "It's taking us too long" to fix the XP issues

An update is slated to land next week.

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While there sure haven't been smooth sailing for Battlefield 2042 after the release, DICE and other studios are working hard to resolve everything and get it up to full potential. One thing that have made many gamers disappointed is the handling of XP.

Users discovered that it was possible to build literal XP factories with the Battlefield Portal tool, which caused the developers to nerf the amount of XP you are getting. But this hurt honest gamers as well and in the end, no one was happy, and solving this issue has taken quite some time. And it's not only whiny gamers who thinks this, but the developers themselves.

Ripple Effect Studios are handling Battlefield Portal, and Justin Wiebe from the studio had this to say to a fan who asked why this issue hasn't been resolved yet:

"Thanks for bringing this up. You're not wrong! It's taking us too long to get this resolved. Something that should have been simple is proving to be quite complex. BUT.... Look for an update next week. There will be a phased approach to improving the progression in BF Portal."

Basically, it seems like help is coming next week, and we really appreciate this kind of transparent communication from developers. Gamers are usually a forgiving community, but it's hard to do so when you don't know what the issue actually is.

Battlefield 2042

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