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Battlefield 2042

Battlefield 2042 Update 4.0 is out today

Scoreboards, VoIP, and Specialists are a few of the focal points.

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Today marks the release of an absolutely massive update for Battlefield 2042, as Update 4.0 is launching. Set to fix a huge array of problems, including endgame scoreboards, VoIP functionality, weapon attachments, and even a few different Specialists (i.e. Rao and Paik are seeing changes), this patch is looking to be the next stage of EA and DICE's move to bring Battlefield 2042 in-line with how the game was expected to be before its disastrous launch.

While we usually slap the update notes below for your easy viewing pleasure, this update is so undeniably lengthy, and tackles such a broad range of areas that if there's something in particular that has been the bane of your Battlefield 2042 gaming experience, we'd suggest going here to see if has been tackled and fixed.

Despite this featuring such a massive amount of fixes, it is also noted that there are still plans to get another major update out the door in May, focussing on quality of life and bug fixes, so expect another beefy set of patch notes to arrive in the coming weeks.

Battlefield 2042

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