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Doom Eternal

Bethesda on Doom Eternal for Switch: "an imminent digital-only release"

With the former Doom being too big for a cartridge, Bethesda highlights their decision to go digital.

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Don't worry about Doom Eternal for Nintendo Switch, because development is almost complete and the game is releasing very soon. That is what Bethesda said after many pre-orders taken in GameStop were suddenly cancelled, resulting in a few panic messages on social media.

Bethesda said in a statement that "While Doom Eternal is 100% on track for an imminent digital-only release on Nintendo Switch, the absence of a physical release at retail resulted in cancelled pre-orders". The former Doom game was released for Switch on a cartridge, but it wasn't big enough and players had to download the multiplayer part from the eShop. Those who paid for the retail version already will get full refunds, the company said.

It seems that Doom Eternal is coming out on Nintendo Switch before years end, but the exact release date is still a secret. We have yet to see the game running on the little hybrid console as well and check how far did Panic Button Games go this time with the hardware.

Doom Eternal

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